Hamell On Trial – Ed’s Not Dead, Hamell Comes Alive! (2020)

Posted by Green on March 12, 2020as

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Finally the album the fans have been pleading for. Recorded live on tour with Ani DiFranco. It’s bold, raw and completely uncensored. Over sixty minutes of music, this album contains songs from Hamell’s unavailable Mercury releases, his critically-acclaimed “Choochtown,” and three new unrecorded songs. It comes with a special edition comic book, illustrated by Hamell On Trial.


01. Sugarfree (Live)
02. 7 Seas (Live)
03. I Hate Your Kid (Live)
04. I’m Gonna Watch You Sleep (Live)
05. When Bobby Comes Down (Live)
06. Choochtown (Live)
07. Dead Man’s Float (Live)
08. The Vines (Live)
09. Some Hearts (Live)
10. Disconnected (Live)
11. Big as Life (Live)
12. Open up the Gates (Live)
13. John Lennon (Live)
14. Hoo Hoo Song (Live)
15. The Meeting (Live)
16. Folsom Prison Blues (Live)

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