Hall and Oates – Fall in Philadelphia: The Definitive Demos 1968-71 (2020)

Posted by Green on August 2, 2020
in pop, rock



01. In Honor of a Lady (Demo)
02. Good Night and Good Morning (Demo)
03. Past Times Behind (Demo)
04. The Reason Why (Demo)
05. Sally (Demo)
06. If That’s What Makes You Happy (Demo)
07. The Provider (Demo)
08. They Need Each Other (Demo)
09. Deep River Blues (Demo)
10. Angelina (Demo)
11. Perkiomen (Demo)
12. I’ll Be By (Demo)
13. Dry in the Sun (Demo)
14. Lilly (Demo)
15. Back in Love Again (Demo)
16. Fall in Philadelphia (Demo)
17. Georgie (Demo)
18. Months & Weeks & Days (Demo)
19. A Lot of Changes Coming (Demo)
20. I’m Tired of Wearing Buckskin (Demo)

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  • Hub Sligchers says:

    it takes more than one try but now i have Hall and Oates
    your blog is the best in the older stuff and Americana
    many thanks Green

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