Half Man Half Biscuit – Urge for Offal (2014)

Posted by on October 30, 2014as

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There’s a good argument for Half Man Half Biscuit being the greatest indie band of all time. After thirty years they still remain utterly loyal to the tiny Probe Plus record label, releasing thirteen albums and five EPs laden with equal parts pithiness, wordplay and the most spot on cultural references.

Half Man Half Biscuit don’t do much in the way of promotion of their new releases, so the release of their latest album, Urge for Offal, was only (quietly) announced last month. No singles released ahead of the album, no articles in the mainstream press hyping the release, no global electronics giants buying all their users a copy (whether they want one or not), just a quiet announcement on their (decidedly unofficial) website giving a release date and showing a reassuringly amusing tracklisting and the sort of artwork that can only be that of a Half Man Half Biscuit album.

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