Hadden Sayers – Rolling Soul (2013)

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HSin City Soul and Blues Festival artist Ruthie Foster can be credited with bringing Hadden Sayers out of retirement. Sayers, a successful musician in the Houston area with a lot of promise, was burnt out on the music scene after a string of deals gone bad and the overall erosion of the business. After much soul searching, some unlikely friendships and inspirations along with a call from Foster found the bluesman back writing songs. Sayers and Foster shared a love of blues, Tejano, country, soul, gospel, and reggae music and he found himself in Foster’s touring band. In 2011 Sayers released his first album in many years, Hard Dollar, to rave reviews. The buzz was back, as Sayers was nominated in 2012 for Best Song at the Blues Music Awards. That song “Back to the Blues”, a duet and co-write with Foster, soulfully announced his return. Hadden will follow up Hard Dollar with Rolling Soul on February 26th, 2013. Early reviews are hailing it successful follow with much focus on Sayers strong songwriting.

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