Gwyneth Moreland – Cider (2017)

Posted by on April 29, 2017
in folk

320 kbps | 104 MB | LINKS

Gwyneth Moreland’s Cider is an intimately arranged and produced affair that positions Moreland as one of the pre-eminent talents working in folk music today. Folk music is an all-encompassing term, as used here, because there are a number of musical strains coloring the album’s ten songs and it resists easy labeling. Moreland’s talents are further burnished by working with a number of excellent production and accompanying musicians who fully understand how to elevate these performances. There’s obviously a tremendous amount of care taken with these songs – the nuanced recording, tasteful playing, and excellent construction defining these tracks helps make the release stand out as one of the genre’s marquee albums in recent memory. Creating a musical gem doesn’t require the same amount of pressure needed to form diamonds – instead, there’s a mix of focus and relaxed grace needed to make your effort stand out. That’s present on this album and there’s a palpable confidence that makes it even more memorable.

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