Guy Chadwick – Lazy, Soft & Slow (1997)

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01.Soft & Slow 3:34
02. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me 3:34
03. One Of These Days 4:54
04. In Her Heart 2:46
05. Song For Gala 4:50
06. Mirrored In My Mind 3:44
07. Wasted In Song 3:56
08.Fall In Love With Me 4:04
09. This Strength 3:36
10. Crystal Love Song 4:05
11. Close Your Eyes 3:45

How often has a songwriter emerged from a bout of severe writer’s block with such remarkable beauty? Former House of Love frontman Guy Chadwick has done just that in this low-key debut — a gorgeous and seemingly effortless collection of breezy love songs. Many of the tracks would have fit well on any House of Love record; the only differences are the dashes of accordian, keyboards, and pedal steel tastefully added to Chadwick’s songs, and the lack of rock guitar. Robin Guthrie’s warm production serves these gentle songs wonderfully, and Guy’s backing musicians complement him masterfully (Guthrie also played bass on eight songs). Lazy, Soft and Slow breaks no new ground, and nothing here tops such House of Love greats as “Shine On” or “Christine,” but that couldn’t have been Chadwick’s intent. If you adore the Harvest-mode Neil Young or favor the “Pale Blue Eyes” side of the Velvet Underground, this album should warm your soul for many Sunday mornings to come.

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