Gram Parsons – Another Side of This Life: The Lost Recordings of Gram Parsons, 1965-1966 (2000/2018)

Posted by Green on July 12, 2018
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The 18 previously unreleased, solo acoustic performances on this collection were recorded between March 1965 and December 1966. These show Parsons not as a country singer, rock singer, or even folk-rock singer, but very much as a mid-’60s folkie, in the mold of so many artists to be heard in the Greenwich Village scene. There’s no straight country music in his repertoire, comprised largely of covers of songs by then-contemporary writers such as Buffy Sainte-Marie (“Codine”), Tim Hardin, Tom Paxton, and Fred Neil, along with high-caliber compositions that would be popularized by rock groups (Billy Wheeler’s “High Flyin’ Bird” and Hamilton Camp’s “Pride of Man”). There are also five Parsons originals, a few not available elsewhere, and others recorded at other points either by himself (“Brass Buttons” and “Zah’s Blues”) or different performers (“November Nights,” placed on an obscure single by Peter Fonda). A bit of R&B pokes out in his covers of “Searchin'” and “Candy Man.” This disc is definitely of historical interest, if only to demonstrate that Parsons’ roots were certainly not country-soaked, but largely indebted to ’60s folk as well. As music, it’s very average (though certainly not bad) mid-’60s folk, of the kind you might hear by numerous coffeehouse support acts. He sings best on the jazzy “Zah’s Blues,” where he seems to reach further into himself than he does on most of the other material here.

01. Codine
02. Wheel of Fortune
03. Another Side of This Life
04. High Flyin’ Bird
05. November Nights
06. Zah’s Blues
07. Reputation
08. That’s the Bag I’m In
09. Willie Jean
10. They Still Go Down
11. Pride of Man
12. The Last Thing on My Mind
13. Hey Nellie Nellie
14. She’s the Woman I Love / Good Time Music
15. Brass Buttons
16. I Just Can’t Take It Anymore
17. Searchin’
18. Candy Man

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