Gov’t Mule – 2016-12-31 – The Beacon Theatre, New York, NY (2017)

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Beloved Southern rockers Gov’t Mule set up shop at NYC’s The Beacon Theatre, playing the second of two sold out shows to ring in the New Year. Unlike years past, Mule remained very tight-lipped about their New Year’s plans, only adding suspense to what was sure to be a historic celebration. In the end, the band would pay tribute to countless musical legends who passed on in 2016, everyone from David Bowie to Prince to Bernie Worrell to Maurice White and more.
The first set of the night was all Mule, as the band worked through a number of their original tunes like “Thorazine Shuffle,” “Child Of The Earth” and more. They also welcomed guitarist Oz Noy on “Birth Of The Mule” and “Sco-Mule” getting warmed up for the festivities ahead.

It was set two that began the tributes, as the band came out of the gate with a trio of Parliament Funkadelic songs in honor of Bernie Worrell. The first song included percussionist Marc Quinones as well as the Chronic Horns, who were then joined by Jasmine Muhammad & The Sweet ’16 Singers for some soulful backup vocals. The ensemble would stay on stage as the band moved into a tribute to Leon Russell with “Tight Rope” and “Delta Lady.” The Eagles’ Glenn Frey was the next focus, with heartfelt covers of “Take It Easy” and “Already Gone” played in his honor.

The horn and vocal sections remained on stage during a fabulous tribute to Ms. Sharon Jones, with performances of “100 Days, 100 Nights” and “Midnight Rider.” They kept things going with a performance of “Lucky Man” by Emerson Lake and Palmer, in honor of both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake who passed away this year. Perhaps one of the most soulful moments of the show came in honor of Leonard Cohen, with performances of “Hallelujah” and “Bird On The Wire” played in memory of the brilliant songwriter and singer.

The show continued with “Angel Band” in honor of Dr. Ralph Stanley, a legend of the bluegrass genre, as well as “Mama Tried” in honor of Merle Haggard, a legend of the folk genre. Two Americana heroes that truly deserve recognition for their dedication to their craft. “Shining Star” and “Getaway” both followed, as Gov’t Mule honored the late Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire with a guest filled celebration. They then brought out “Descending,” a Black Crowes song, in honor of keyboardist Eddie Harsch who recently passed on.

David Bowie got his due next, as the band welcomed out Jimmy Vivino for a guitar-fueled take on the classic ballad “All The Young Dudes.” They kept up the energy for “Rebel, Rebel” before shifting their sights onto a Prince tribute, closing out the set with “Kiss” and “Let’s Go Crazy.” They would ultimately return for an encore, with Marcus King in tow, and resume their Bowie/Prince tribute with “Purple Rain” and a reprise of “All The Young Dudes.” What a show! So many remarkable musicians were honored at this show, each spanning such a unique subset of the music community as a whole. Mule put together a tremendous show for New Year’s, honoring the past and moving ahead into 2017 with a gusto.

DISC 1: 01. New Year’s Eve 02. Larger Than Life 03. Thorazine Shuffle 04. Funny Little Tragedy 05. Thorazine Shuffle Reprise 06. Child Of The Earth 07. Which Way Do We Run 08. Brighter Days 09. Birth Of The Mule

DISC 2: 01. Sco-Mule 02. Maggot Brain 03. New Years Countdown 04. Flash Light 05. Red Hot Mama 06. Tight Rope 07. Delta Lady 08. Take It Easy 09. Already Gone 10. 100 Days 100 Nights 11. Midnight Rider

DISC 3: 01. Lucky Man 02. Hallelujah 03. Bird On A Wire 04. Angel Band 05. Mama Tried 06. Shining Star 07. Getaway 08. Descending 09. All The Young Dudes 10. Rebel Rebel 11. Kiss 12. Let’s Go Crazy 13. Introductions 14. Purple Rain 15. All The Young Dudes

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