Globelamp – The Orange Glow (2015)

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It’s a full moon tonight for the release of Globelamp’s The Orange Glow, a followup to her stellar 2014 debut Star Dust! It’s out on LA musician/producer Joel Jerome’s label Psychedelic Thriftstore Recordings. Here are a few first thoughts on my favorite tracks so far:

Released as a single earlier this year, the crystalline lament of “Washington Moon” swells with pure longing for time and place removed from reality. It’s crisp and clear, like a cold and cloudless autumn night.

“Controversial Confrontational” is at first cautious, “Men cannot be trusted, and I know women too,” still raw and wary of betrayal, then at the next moment aching, “but I believed you,” when innocence is lost.

“Master of Lonely” illustrates a relationship that was once in bloom that is now rotting, and all that’s left is the ghost of the sweetness, like the orange leaves falling as the first sign of a summer’s decay. It stings, “I know what you’ve done, it doesn’t matter what you tell anyone.”

The satisfyingly combative, chugging “Piece of the Pie” demands, “How do you sleep with yourself at night? Do you really think you’re justified?”

The Orange Glow unravels like the changing of the seasons. Saccharine summers feel endless until the flowers die and leaves crisp up in oranges and reds. Instead of seeing the beauty in change, at this time of year it’s often difficult to see beyond the decay as we yearn for ripe golden sunshine to kiss us all over. But this new orange glow bathes the world in a magic light that is full of promise. Change does not signify a finite end; decay is symptomatic of a new phase of life. This album is filled with longing for the intangible endless summer, the “California sun and Washington moon, in the same room at the same time.” But it also embraces this unavoidable change.

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