Gene Clark – Silverado ’75 – Live & Unreleased (2008)

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320 kbps / 157 MB / UL / UA / HF / TB

Gene Clark’s very first solo live album, a previously unreleased recording of a 1975 show from Denver! The set list to this show is just packed with treats for Gene Clark fans for example, both of the songs he co-wrote with Bernie Leadon of the Eagles, ‘She Darked the Sun’ (which was recorded by Linda Ronstadt) and ‘Train Leaves Here This Morning’ (which the Eagles covered on their debut album), along with Byrds favorites ‘Here Without You’ and ‘Set You Free This Time’ and the title track to ‘No Other’. Gene Clark biographer John Einarson contributes notes.


1. Long Black Veil
2. Kansas City Southern
3. Spanish Guitar
4. Home Run King
5. Here Without You
6. No Other
7. Daylight Line
8. Set You Free This Time
9. She Darked the Sun
10. In the Pines
11. Train Leaves Here This Morning
12. Silver Raven

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