Friends Of Lazy Lester – Lazy Lester Forever (2019)

Posted by Green on October 9, 2019as

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This collection of Lazy Lester tunes was recorded in Austin by some of Lester’s musical friends. Featuring Greg Izor; Emilio Arsuaga; Eve Monsees; Grady Pinkerton; Mike Buck; Emily Gimble & Randy Glines this cd captures the lazy and laconic sounds of some of Lesters best compositions. Emilio Arsuaga is a wonderful harp player who uses the instrument as an answer to the lyrics & the band keeps the focus on the songs, not the solos…

1. I’m So Tired (2:31)
2. They Call Me Lazy (3:22)
3. Blues Stop Knocking At My Door (2:58)
4. Real Combination For Love (2:50)
5. Tell Me Pretty Baby (3:06)
6. Jail (4:39)
7. I Hear You Knocking (2:42)
8. Travelling Days (3:54)
9. I Love You I Need You (2:46)
10. Strange Things Happen (3:38)
11. Blood Stains On The Wall (3:47)
12. Torras, La, 1933 (4:28)
13. Thank You, So Long (3:19)
14. Happy Birthday To You (0:22)

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