Frank Zappa – Monsters (2018)

Posted by Green on January 14, 2022as

320 | FLAC

This is an exceptional Frank Zappa compilation bootleg, consisting of extended jam vehicles, from soundboard tapes. The big star here (besides Frank) is Vinnie Colaiuta, who appears on 5 out of 7 tracks. And though nobody can hold a candle to Vinnie, David Logeman is no slouch either! The first and last tracks might be two of the craziest jams in Frank’s entire career. Absolutely over the top and long overdue for official release”.


1 Persona Non Grata (1978-10-15 Stony Brook) 10:00
2 Outside Now (1980-10-31 New York City) 8:45
3 City Of Tiny Lites (1980-11-18 St. Paul) 10:38
4 Easy Meat (1980-06-24 Geneva) 11:42
5 Inca Roads (1979-03-19 Brest) 11:46
6 Chunga’s Revenge (1980-07-02 Frankfurt) 4:48
7 Black Napkins (1978-10-13 Passaic) 14:58

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