Frank Zappa – At The Palace (2023)

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A busy year for Frank Zappa, in 1984 the musician, composer and performer released four new albums. Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger; Them Or Us; Francesco Zappa; and the four-record set, Thing Fish. In addition to this, Zappa found time for two legs of an American tour and a European Tour all of which ran from July to December. The first five concerts Frank Zappa performed in 1984 took place at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles, between 17th and 22nd July. Of these shows, the penultimate date on 21st July 1984 was recorded for live FM broadcast, and it is this show that is now released on this new 2 CD set. • Featuring Zappa’s 1984 band which includes Ike Willis, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Alan Zavod, Bobby Martin and Napoleon Murphy Brock, the set-list features an eclectic and varied selection of tunes which clearly delight those in attendance. • Bonus tracks on this release feature a superb interview and Q & A session with Zappa, recorded a month or so before the show, undertaken and chaired by Charles Amirkhanian from Pacifica station KPFA in Berkeley and recorded during the San Francisco Exploratorium’s Speaking Of Music series on May 20, 1984.


1. Treacherous Cretins (7:02)
2. Montana (3:38)
3. Easy Meat (6:22)
4. Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy (6:06)
5. Advance Romance (6:59)
6. He’s So Gay (2:30)
7. Bobby Brown (2:42)
8. Keep It Greasey (3:33)
9. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me? (3:58)
10. Carol, You Fool (3:56)
11. Frank Zappa Interview 1984 (Part 1) (9:57)
12. Chana In De Bushwop (3:40)
13. Let’s Move To Cleveland (12:22)
14. Tinseltown Rebellion (4:27)
15. Oh No (1:35)
16. Son Of Orange County (0:47)
17. More Trouble Every Day (4:13)
18. Penguin In Bondage (5:01)
19. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel (7:57)
20. Jungle Boogie (3:26)
21. The Closer You Are/Johnny Darling (2:55)
22. No No Cherry (0:59)
23. Frank Zappa Interview 1984 (Part 2) (12:18)
24. Frank Zappa Interview 1984 (Part 3) (10:27)

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  • david says:

    GREAT show, thanks. Stereo sound, excellent versions. The “Easy Meat” has nuanced parts I’d never noticed before. THANKS!

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