Fairport Convention – Rosie [Bonus Track Edition] (1973/2004)

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Following the departure of Simon Nicol, the group was reconstituted with the addition of Sandy Denny’s husband Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue, both formerly of Fotheringay. Their first album was also a miscalculation, a failed attempt to crack the pop music market. There are lots of original songs done in a modern folk-rock sound, many written by Lucas, although the best was the title track by Swarbrick (which featured Denny and Thompson as well as Thompson’s future wife Linda Peters, as guest artists). The Lucas compositions were all pleasant (especially “Knights of the Road” and the haunting “The Plainsman”), but tend to make one think more of Gordon Lightfoot sounding archaic than of previous incarnations of Fairport. The only exceptions are “Peggy’s Pub” and “The Hens March Through the Midden,” instrumentals that recall the group’s old sound.


01. Fairport Convention – Rosie
02. Fairport Convention – Matthew, Mark, Luke And John
03. Fairport Convention – Knights Of The Road
04. Fairport Convention – Peggy’s Pub
05. Fairport Convention – The Plainsman
06. Fairport Convention – Hungarian Rhapsody
07. Fairport Convention – My Girl
08. Fairport Convention – Me With You
09. Fairport Convention – The Hens March Through The Midden & The Four Poster Bed
10. Fairport Convention – Furs & Feathers
11. Fairport Convention – Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (Live at The Howff, London (23/04/73))
12. Fairport Convention – The Hens March Through The Midden & The Four Poster Bed (Live at The Howff, London (23/04/73))
13. Fairport Convention – Rosie (Live at The Howff, London (23/04/73))
14. Fairport Convention – The Claw (Live at The Howff, London (23/04/73))
15. Fairport Convention – Furs & Feathers (Live at The Howff, London (23/04/73))

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