Fairport Convention – Heyday: The BBC Sessions (1968-1969,Remastered 2002)

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This is a collection of performances by Fairport for the BBC in 1968 and 1969. The cassette, that would later see official release in 1987, was privately circulated by Ashley Hutchings and could be purchased at FC gigs.
Produced by Gustav Winckler, engineered by Ivar Roserlberg.
In 2002, Island Records re-released the CD with eight more BBC recordings as bonus tracks.

Sandy Denny, piano, guitar, vocals
Ian Matthews, percussion, vocals [CD: 1-11, 13-14]
Martin Lamble, drums, percussion, vocals
Simon Nicol, guitar, banjo, violin, vocals
Ashley Hutchings, bass, vocals
Richard Thompson, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals
Ric Grech, violin [CD: 16-17]
Dave Mattacks, drums [CD: 19-20]
Dave Swarbrick, violin [CD: 19-20]


1. Close the Door Lightly When You Go [Eric Anderson] (2:56)
2. I Don’t Know Where I Stand [Joni Mitchell] (3:40)
3. Some Sweet Day [Felice & Boudleaux Bryant] (2:18)
4. Reno, Nevada [Richard Fariña] (2:25)
5. Suzanne [Leonard Cohen] (5:27)
6. If It Feels Good, You Know It Can’t Be Wrong [Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings] (3:14)
7. I Still Miss Someone [Johnny & Roy Cash] (2:26)
8. Bird on a Wire [Leonard Cohen] (3:30)
9. Gone, Gone, Gone [Phil & Don Everly] (2:00)
10. Tried So Hard [Gene Clark] (2:57)
11. Shattering Live Experience [Simon Nicol] (3:26)
12. Percy’s Song [Bob Dylan] (5:29)

Bonus Tracks:
13. You Never Wanted Me [Jackson C. Frank] (3:18)
14. Nottamun Town [trad. arr. Fairport Convention] (3:37)
15. Fotheringay [Sandy Denny] (3:01)
16. Si Tu Dois Partir [Bob Dylan] (2:28)
17. Cajun Woman [Richard Thompson] (2:47)
18. Autopsy [Sandy Denny] (4:26)
19. Reynardine [trad. arr. Fairport Convention] (4:24)
20. Tam Lin [trad. arr. Swarbrick] (7:49)

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