Erin McKeown – Hundreds of Lions (2009)

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ERHundreds Of Lions was crafted over three years – an unprecedented, luxurious amount of time that allowed Erin to nurture new songs to life, and gave producer Sam Kassirer the freedom to produce a watershed, modern Erin McKeown album, with her voice as its center. Sam and Erin retreated to a farmhouse studio in rural New England and experimented. They squished acoustic sounds through synthesizers. They programmed electronic squiggles to mingle with orchestral strings recorded in a country church down the street. Brass and woodwinds, traditionally last, were recorded very early on so they built the core of the record instead of just being layered on top.The result is a record fit to bookend the first ten years of a dynamic career of a unique American artist.

mp3 VBR – 190 kbps | 53 MB | UL

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