Eric Clapton – Eric Clapton [Anniversary Deluxe Edition] (2021)

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This summer sees the Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Eric Clapton’s eponymous first solo album, originally released in August 1970. It is being issued on 4CD and 1LP (standard black) formats and will also be released digitally. The front cover artwork for the LP differs from the 4CD artwork illustrated above. The album will be launched on 9th June with the release of two tracks: After Midnight (Delaney Bramlett Mix) & Blues Power (Eric Clapton Mix) The album represents one of rock history’s most successful reinventions. After emerging as one of the seminal guitar heroes of the ’60s, the English superstar decisively re-established his musical priorities with Eric Clapton. It marked Clapton’s transition from flamboyant instrumental icon to well-rounded recording artist, downplaying sonic pyrotechnics in favour of a song-focused ensemble approach that would lay the groundwork for his massively successful solo career. For the occasion, he surrounded himself with a new cast of American musicians, tapping into a rootsy musical foundation that provided an inspired framework for his talents. This Anniversary Deluxe Edition presents Eric Clapton – Eric Clapton in three separate mixes: The Eric Clapton Mix, The Delaney Bramlett Mix and The Tom Dowd Mix (The UK Version). The Eric Clapton mix is being released in full for the first time. This anniversary collection also includes some singles, alternate versions and session outtakes.

CD 1:
1. Slunky (3:36)
2. Bad Boy (3:52)
3. Lonesome And A Long Way From (3:46)
4. After Midnight (3:14)
5. Easy Now (3:00)
6. Blues Power (3:13)
7. Bottle Of Red Wine (3:06)
8. Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me (3:38)
9. I’ve Told You For The Last Time (2:33)
10. I Don’t Know Why (3:21)
11. Let It Rain (5:05)

CD 2:
1. Slunky (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:33)
2. Bad Boy (Eric Clapton Mix) (4:19)
3. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:57)
4. After Midnight (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:18)
5. Easy Now (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:01)
6. Blues Power (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:52)
7. Bottle Of Red Wine (Eric Clapton Mix) (2:57)
8. Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:43)
9. I’ve Told You For The Last Time (Eric Clapton Mix) (2:31)
10. I Don’t Know Why (Eric Clapton Mix) (3:35)
11. Let It Rain (Eric Clapton Mix) (5:18)

CD 3:
1. Slunky (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:33)
2. Bad Boy (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:41)
3. Easy Now (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (2:59)
4. After Midnight (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:18)
5. Blues Power (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:18)
6. Bottle Of Red Wine (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:07)
7. Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (4:01)
8. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:49)
9. Don’t Know Why (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (3:43)
10. Let It Rain (Delaney Bramlett Mix) (5:02)

CD 4:
1. Teasin’ ( 2:14)
2. Comin’ Home ( 4:48)
3. Blues In ‘A’ (10:25)
4. She Rides ( 5:08)
5. I’ve Told You For The Last Time (Olympic Studios Version) ( 6:45)
6. Don’t Know Why (Olympic Studios Version) ( 5:12)
7. Comin’ Home ( 3:13)
8. Groupie (Superstar) ( 2:49)

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