Eric Clapton – 9 Wonderful Nights At Albert’s Place [18CD Box Set] (2000)

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For ten years, between 1987 and 1996, Eric Clapton would begin the year by playing an extended run of shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London (he did one more set in 2001 in support of Reptile). In the first year he played six shows at the venue and the following year that number was increased to nine. With no new album to support except for the career retrospective Crossroads released in April, he was celebrating twenty-five years in the music business. This run at the Royal Albert Hall is sandwiched between two shows at the NEC in Birmingham and a concert on February 7th at the Civic Hall in Guildford.

Clapton is joined by his backing band Nathan East on bass, Dire Straits keyboardist Alan Clark, Steve Ferrone on drums, Tessa Niles and Katie Kassoon on back up vocals, Ray Cooper on percussion and Mark Knopfler on guitar. Phil Collins joins the band on drums for the three February shows. Knopfler played the Royal Albert Hall with Clapton in 1987 before leaving for other commitments, but spent the entire year in 1988 on Clapton’s global tour.

The set list is similar to that used the previous year with “Crossroads” and “White Room” opening the show and “Layla” as the closer. “Miss You,” played with regularity in 1987 was dropped and two songs from August, “Run” and “Behind The Mask” were added. “Sunshine Of Your Love” was moved from being the an encore to the set closer and “Further On Up The Road” was added as the second encore.

9 Wonderful Nights At Albert’s Place is an early release by Beano and remains their most ambitious project. All of the shows originate from the same taper who, by the sound quality, had the same seat for each of the nine shows. It gives the set an appealing uniformity since all of the shows are in excellent stereo sound quality. All of the tapes are cut after “Run” which is probably an intentional marker created by the taper. The box set is limited to two hundred numbered copies. Each of the nine shows is packaged in a double slimline jewel case and the nine cases are housed in a cardboard slipcase. The third show is the only one to be pressed on silver in the past so this fills a considerable void. The sound quality in general is very good to excellent since Beano use very clean tapes with gentle remastering.

Royal Albert Hall 1988 25th January

1-1 Crossroads
1-2 White Room
1-3 I Shot The Sheriff
1-4 Wonderful Tonight
1-5 Run
1-6 Same Old Blues
1-7 Tearing Us Apart
1-8 Holy Mother

2-1 Badge
2-2 Let It Rain
2-3 Cocaine
2-4 A Remark You Made
2-5 Layla
2-6 Behind The Mask
2-7 Sunshine Of Your Love
2-8 Money For Nothing
2-9 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 26th January 1988

3-1 Crossroads
3-2 White Room
3-3 I Shot The Sheriff
3-4 Wonderful Tonight
3-5 Run
3-6 Same Old Blues
3-7 Tearing Us Apart
3-8 Holy Mother

4-1 Badge
4-2 Let It Rain
4-3 Cocaine
4-4 A Remark You Made
4-5 Layla
4-6 Behind The Mask
4-7 Sunshine Of Your Love
4-8 Money For Nothing
4-9 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 27th January 1988

5-1 Crossroads
5-2 White Room
5-3 I Shot The Sheriff
5-4 Wonderful Tonight
5-5 Run
5-6 Same Old Blues
5-7 Tearing Us Apart

6-1 Holy Mother
6-2 Badge
6-3 Let It Rain
6-4 Cocaine
6-5 A Remark You Made
6-6 Layla
6-7 Behind The Mask
6-8 Sunshine Of Your Love
6-9 Money For Nothing
6-10 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 28th January 1988

7-1 Crossroads
7-2 White Room
7-3 I Shot The Sheriff
7-4 Wonderful Tonight
7-5 Run
7-6 Same Old Blues
7-7 Tearing Us Apart

8-1 Holy Mother
8-2 Badge
8-3 Let It Rain
8-4 Cocaine
8-5 A Remark You Made
8-6 Layla
8-7 Behind The Mask
8-8 Sunshine Of Your Love
8-9 Money For Nothing
8-10 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 30th January 1988

9-1 Crossroads
9-2 White Room
9-3 I Shot The Sheriff
9-4 Wonderful Tonight
9-5 Run
9-6 Same Old Blues
9-7 Tearing Us Apart

10-1 Holy Mother
10-2 Badge
10-3 Let It Rain
10-4 Cocaine
10-5 A Remark You Made
10-6 Layla
10-7 Behind The Mask
10-8 Sunshine Of Your Love
10-9 Money For Nothing
10-10 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 31st January 1988

11-1 Crossroads
11-2 White Room
11-3 I Shot The Sheriff
11-4 Wonderful Tonight
11-5 Run
11-6 Same Old Blues
11-7 Tearing Us Apart
11-8 Holy Mother

12-1 Badge
12-2 Let It Rain
12-3 Cocaine
12-4 A Remark You Made
12-5 Layla
12-6 Behind The Mask
12-7 Sunshine Of Your Love
12-8 Money For Nothing
12-9 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 2nd February 1988

13-1 Crossroads
13-2 White Room
13-3 I Shot The Sheriff
13-4 Wonderful Tonight
13-5 Run
13-6 Same Old Blues
13-7 Tearing Us Apart
13-8 Holy Mother
13-9 Badge
13-10 Let It Rain

14-1 Cocaine
14-2 A Remark You Made
14-3 Layla
14-4 Money For Nothing
14-5 Further On Up The Road
14-6 Sunshine Of Your Love

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 3rd February 1988

15-1 Crossroads
15-2 White Room
15-3 I Shot The Sheriff
15-4 Wonderful Tonight
15-5 Run
15-6 Same Old Blues
15-7 Tearing Us Apart

16-1 Holy Mother
16-2 Badge
16-3 Let It Rain
16-4 Cocaine
16-5 A Remark You Made
16-6 Layla
16-7 Behind The Mask
16-8 Sunshine Of Your Love
16-9 Money For Nothing
16-10 Further On Up The Road

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 4th February 1988

17-1 Crossroads
17-2 White Room
17-3 I Shot The Sheriff
17-4 Wonderful Tonight
17-5 Run
17-6 Same Old Blues
17-7 Tearing Us Apart

18-1 Holy Mother
18-2 Badge
18-3 Let It Rain
18-4 Cocaine
18-5 A Remark You Made
18-6 Layla
18-7 Behind The Mask
18-8 Sunshine Of Your Love
18-9 Money For Nothing
18-10 Further On Up The Road

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