Emmylou Harris – Spyboy (1998, Reissue 2019)

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This live project, which includes the talents of the always great Buddy Miller, is an interesting reflection of an American icon. Eclectic, it is reflective of Emmylou Harris’ excursions into areas of music beyond the country and rock spheres she has already conquered. But it is the country arena that best showcases her ever-flowering ability with a song. “I Ain’t Living Long Like This” and “Love Hurts” stand out boldly. “Tulsa Queen,” a co-write with Rodney Crowell, is an amazing display of her vocal prowess, as is the a cappella “Calling My Children Home.” “Boulder to Birmingham” is equally effective in its power and intensity, while Jesse Winchester’s “My Songbird” seems to be custom-made for Harris. She delivers in triplicate on the traditional “Green Pastures.” Still, even after all these years, there is a transcendent emotional depth and connection when Harris performs “Wheels,” a song written by Chris Hillman and Harris’ early mentor, Gram Parsons. Her relationship with Parsons is well documented, but it is best evidenced by her performances of the work he left behind, as this performance of “Wheels” proves. An original, she continues to conjure up interesting and diverse vocals, while giving her talented bandmembers the go-ahead to show off their skills as well. This live project is awe-inspiring, much like Emmylou Harris herself.

01. “My Songbird” (Jesse Winchester) 3:30
02. “Where Will I Be” (Daniel Lanois) 4:21
03. “I Ain’t Living Long Like This” (Rodney Crowell) 4:20
04. “Love Hurts” (Boudleaux Bryant) 2:55
05. “Green Pastures” (Traditional) 3:05
06. “Deeper Well” (Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, David Olney) 7:16
07. “Prayer in Open D” (Emmylou Harris) 4:01
08. “Calling My Children Home” (Doyle Lawson, Charles Waller, Robert Yates) 3:02
09. “Tulsa Queen” (Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris) 4:30
10. “Wheels” (Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons) 3:04
11. “Born to Run” (Paul Kennerley) 4:44
12. “Boulder to Birmingham” (Bill Danoff, Emmylou Harris) 3:21
13. “All My Tears (Be Washed Away)” (Julie Miller) 5:06
14. “The Maker” (Daniel Lanois) 8:40

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