Echoes – Barefoot To The Moon – An Acoustic Tribute To Pink Floyd (2015)

Posted by on November 30, 2015as

320 kbps | 168 MB | UL | OB | TB

1. Shine on you crazy diamond
2. High hopes
3. Welcome to the machine
4. Wish you were here
5. The great gig in the sky
6. The happiest day of our lives
7. Another brick in the wall Part 2
8. Hey you
9. Nobody home
10. Comfortably numb
11. Money
12. Run like hell


Oliver Hartmann (Akustik-Gitarre, Vocals); Martin Hofmann (Vocals, Akustik-Bass, Gitarre); Paul Kunkel (Piano, Vocals); Steffen Maier (Drums & Percussion); Michael Unger (Woodwinds & Vocals); Carolin Riehemann (Vocals); Irena Morisáková (Cello); Terezie Fadrná (Cello); Milena Kolárovà (Violine); Alice Vasilová (Violine)

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