Dr. John – Rare Doctor Remedies (The Dave Cash Collection) (2011)

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Malcolm John Rebennack Jr. (November 20, 1941 – June 6, 2019), better known by his stage name Dr. John, was an American singer and songwriter. His music combined blues, pop, jazz, boogie-woogie, and rock and roll.

Active as a session musician from the late 1950s until his death, he gained a following in the late 1960s after the release of his album Gris-Gris and his appearance at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music. He typically performed a lively, theatrical stage show inspired by medicine shows, Mardi Gras costumes, and voodoo ceremonies. Rebennack recorded 30 studio albums and 9 live albums, as well as contributing to thousands of other musicians’ recordings. In 1973 he achieved a top-10 hit single with “Right Place, Wrong Time”.

The winner of six Grammy Awards, Rebennack was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by singer John Legend in March 2011. In May 2013, Rebennack received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Tulane University.

1. Danger Zone (3:35)
2. The Grass Looks Greener Yonder (2:44)
3. She’s Just A Square (3:02)
4. Quitters Never Win (3:16)
5. One Night Late (2:14)
6. New Orleans (1:51)
7. Mean Cheatin’ Woman (4:38)
8. Make Your Own Bed Well (3:15)
9. A Little Closer To My Home (3:13)
10. Baldhead (2:35)
11. Bring Your Love (5:57)
12. Did She Mention My Name (2:43)
13. Go Ahead On (2:44)
14. Helping Hand (2:56)
15. I Pulled The Cover Off You Two Lovers (2:54)
16. In The Night (2:55)
17. Just Like A Mirror (4:35)
18. Loser For You (3:04)


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