Dr. John meets Donald Harrison – New Orleans Gumbo (2013)

Posted by Green on April 21, 2020as


New Orleans journeymen, keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist Dr. John and saxophonist Donald Harrison come together on 2013’s New Orleans Gumbo. A soulful, bluesy celebration of the Crescent City’s varied musical traditions, New Orleans Gumbo finds the duo mixing John’s R&B-informed sound with Harrison’s swinging jazz chops. Joining them here is a superb backing ensemble including drummer Carl Allen, bassist Dwayne Burno. and others. This is the first time these New Orleans giants have recorded an entire album together, and New Orleans Gumbo is a tasty affair.


01. You Ain’t so Such a Much (6:36)
02. Ja-Ki-Mo-Fi-Na-Hay (6:54)
03. Shave ‘Em Dry (5:18)
04. Big Chief (5:18)
05. Mamzelle Zizi (5:44)
06. Livin’ on Borrowed Time (9:19)
07. Hu-ta-Nay (9:17)
08. Walkin’ Home (2:23)

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