Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men – Voodoo (2017)

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This Album Presents a brand new collaboration between singer / writer / performer – Donna Dunne and guitarist / composer / producer – Philip Doyle(of Diablo Records).
The album emerged from a spark emitted when Philip asked Donna to put some vocals on a track for his own album, and a new union of artistic compatibility was realized. Hence the project of the album VOODOO was born.
For this project they trade under the name Donna Dunne and The Mystery Men
featuring Donna Dunne – vocals , Philip Doyle – guitar, Phil Bloomberg – doublebass and Craig Eriksson on drums.
Their live Performances promise a powerful driving energetic and expressive performance, delivered with passion enthusiasm and a whole lot of soul. Expect Rock‘n’Roll, Rockabilly, Gypsy power housed by soulful vocals.

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