David Arkenstone – Celtic Collection (2023)

Posted by Green on March 6, 2023as

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Grammy-nominated composer David Arkenstone blends global, cinematic, and rock elements into his version of new age music, which has appeared in film, television, and video game scores as well as dozens of his own albums. The prolific California-based artist initially made his name in the 1990s with a series of popular fantasy-themed releases for the Narada label and in subsequent decades has become a backbone artist for the Green Hill Music roster. Primarily a keyboardist and guitarist, Arkenstone’s mostly instrumental music has developed over time, branching out into numerous different facets from ambient chillout and relaxation music to heavy metal game scores, Celtic, and world music traditions ranging from Egyptian to Native American. Beginning with 2016’s The Fairy Garden, Arkenstone began revisiting elements of the fantasy-inspired music from his early days and earned his fourth Grammy nomination for that series’ sequel, Fairy Dreams. His prodigious output remained undiminished heading into the next decade, and by 2021, he had already issued over a half-dozen more albums.


1. May Dance (04:39)
2. Celtic Garden (feat. David Davidson) (03:46)
3. Hand In Hand (04:39)
4. The Voice (feat. David Davidson) (04:24)
5. The Secret Wedding (Love Theme From “Braveheart”) (04:14)
6. The Night Rose (04:38)
7. Misty Morning (feat. David Davidson) (04:32)
8. Hearts Entwined (04:26)
9. Forest Rendezvous (04:37)
10. The Longing (04:22)
11. Amarantine (feat. David Davidson) (03:06)
12. The Promise Ring (04:10)
13. Guinevere’s Secret (04:40)
14. Celtic Sanctuary (04:41)
15. The High Road (04:29)
16. The Wishing Star (04:48)
17. Sleepsong (feat. David Davidson) (04:36)
18. Secret Wedding (04:30)
19. Nocturne (feat. David Davidson) (03:53)

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