Daniel Santiago – Song for Tomorrow [Japan Edition] (2021)

Posted by Thomas on April 18, 2021
in rock

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Imbued with Brazilian spirit, the attitude and power of classic rock, and the ingenuitive disposition of modern improvised music, Song for Tomorrow is a bold artistic statement from a musician widely respected and known for his virtuosity and creative identity. Produced by jazz legend Kurt Rosenwinkel, Santiago’s new album is one of the most ambitious and innovative releases of 2021; Song for Tomorrow thirteen original compositions feature guest performances from Eric Clapton, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pedro Martins, Aaron Parks, and others.

01. Open World (feat. Eric Clapton) (3:44)
02. Song for Tomorrow (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel) (3:30)
03. O Que Valerá (feat. Joshua Redman) (4:03)
04. Clara Manhã (feat. Aaron Parks) (3:30)
05. How It Should Be (3:41)
06. Mundo (feat. Pedro Martins) (3:10)
07. Não Vai Apagar (Fly Lua, Fly) (2:35)
08. Progressive (4:14)
09. Roots (0:57)
10. From The Mountains (2:16)
11. Heroes (4:06)
12. Nao Vou (3:55)

Bonus Track:
13. Salamander (3:03)

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