Cowboy Junkies – Discography

Posted by Green on July 10, 2018as


1986 Whites Off Earth Now!!
1988 The Trinity Session
1990 The Caution Horses
1992 Black Eyed Man
1993 Pale Sun, Crescent Moon
1996 Lay It Down
1998 Miles from Our Home
2001 Open
2004 One Soul Now
2005 Early 21st Century Blues
2007 At the End of Paths Taken
2010-2012 The Nomad Series (Box) FLAC
2010 Nomad Series, Vol.1 Renmin Park
2011 Nomad Series, Vol.2 Demons
2011 Nomad Series, Vol.3 Sing in My Meadow
2012 Nomad Series, Vol.4 The Wilderness
2012 Nomad Series, Vol.5 Extras

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