Coach Phillips – Never Is Enough (2019)

Posted by Green on June 19, 2019as

320 kbps / 76 MB / LINKS

Coach Phillips is a budding Seattle group on the cusp of something truly great. They’re debut record, Never Is Enough, simultaneously keeps your ears peaked and hits you right in that place in the chest. Recorded at Sage Arts in Arlington, WA, Jordan Cunningham co-produced the album with the band.

Mellow, warm vocals by Wade Phillips mesh immaculately with stunningly sung harmonies by Jessica Kim. Oftentimes an acoustic guitar songwriting backbone pairs with meticulously layered guitar parts. While tasteful bass lines and careful yet dynamic drumming mutually set up a foundation for Never Is Enough, the occasional harmonica solo and slide guitar parts, violin additions, and sparse Wurlitzer organ add great variety to the lo-fi/hi-fi ebbs and flows.

You get the full package with this Coach Phillips debut: moments of sparkly, gritty, heavy, and pretty, all tied up with tug at your heartstrings sonnets, a jammed-out instrumental track, and overall genuine, catchy songwriting.

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