Co. Townes – Van Zandt (2019)

Posted by Green on April 21, 2019as

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01. White Freight Liner
02. Waiting Around to Die
03. Black Jack Mama
04. Colorado Girl
05. Snake Mountain Blues
06. I’ll Be Here in the Morning
07. Dead Flowers
08. Tecumseh Valley
09. T for Texas
10. Turnstyled, Junkpiled
11. Pancho and Lefty


  • G Lewes says:

    Townes VZ’s “Tecumseh” builds the story to verse 6, when we hear “she turned to whorin'” and it hits like a punch in the gut. The whole song turns on that line. These guys change it to “she took to walkin'” WTF? Doesn’t even make sense. How can you dedicate a whole album to his songs (much less the name of your group) and then mutilate the central premise of one of Townes most hard-hitting songs? This level of poetic insensitivity and misplaced political/religious(?) “correctness” really gives lie to the whole premise of the group’s self-alignment with an artist like TVZ. Do you understand anything he was trying to say? Just be warned, if you dl. (Sorry for the rant, but couldn’t help it)

  • Ed says:

    I agree a 100% with G. Lewes! What’s the point?

  • Hank says:

    “She took to walkin'” is the line from the original version Van Zandt wrote, that appears on “For the sake of the song” (1968).

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