Clementine – Letting Go (2018)

Posted by Green on December 6, 2018
in folk

320 kbps | 84 MB | LINKS

There are a lot of great singers in this world but not all are gifted with a voice that is at once captivating and yet familiar all in the same breath. Clementine has that kind of voice. The kind of voice that pulls you in like a friend sharing a secret and at the same time gently compelling you to listen to herinterpret the lyrics of whatever song she s singing. In my professional experience I ve just described the difference between a good singer and the kind of voice that makes a star, there s an intangible it that separates the two, you ve either got that special it or you don t and Clementine s got it. With her new collection of songs on Letting Go, and her stunning vocal delivery, Clementine has got all the makings of a star.

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