Cindy Woolf – May (2013)

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This collection of twelve new original songs will see its proper release in May of 2013.
Whereas her debut, 2006’s “Simple and Few,” was a wholly acoustic album, and the
follow-up, 2009’s “Before Daylight” featured a full band, “May” finds the sweet spot in
between — the sound of a fully matured artist making music according to her own wishes.
Produced by Mark Bilyeu (of Big Smith), “May” is built around a core ensemble of the
guitar playing of Bilyeu; David Bright of Fayetteville, Arkansas, on drums (Charliehorse);
Joe Terry on keyboard (The Skeletons, Dave Alvin); Ryan Kennedy of St. Louis on
upright bass; with shining guest spots from former band mates Travis Linville of
Oklahoma (Hayes Carll); Molly Healey, Bill Thomas and Jay Williamson (also from Big
Smith); and Reed Herron of Speakeasy.

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