Chuck E. Weiss – Discography

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Chuck E. Weiss is an American songwriter and vocalist. A fixture on the Los Angeles scene, Weiss is known for an eclectic mix of blues, beat poetry, and rock and roll. His music includes strains of every rhythmic style from nursery rhymes to zydeco.

Chuck E. Weiss grew up in Denver, Colorado, United States, where his parents owned a record store (The Record Center, 434 16th Street). Through his parents, and by spending time at the local blues bar Ebbetts Field, he met Lightnin’ Hopkins. Hopkins was impressed with his drum playing and took him on tour, where Weiss had the opportunity to play with Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Roger Miller, Dr. John, and others.Weiss was a disc jockey on alternative rock station KFML-FM-Denver in the early 1970s.

1999 – Extremely Cool
2002 – Old Souls & Wolf Tickets
2006 – 23rd & Stout
2014 – Red Beans and Weiss

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