Christy Moore – Discography

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Christopher Andrew “Christy” Moore (born 7 May 1945) is an Irish folk singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is one of the founding members of Planxty and Moving Hearts. His first album, Paddy on the Road was recorded with Dominic Behan in 1969. In 2007, he was named as Ireland’s greatest living musician in RTÉ’s People of the Year Awards.

1969 Paddy On The Road
1972 Prosperous
1975 Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
1976 The Black Album (Vinyl-rip)
1978 The Iron Behind The Velvet
1979 Anti-Nuclear (EP)
1981 Moving Hearts (Moving Hearts)
1983 The Time Has Come
1984 Ride On
1985 Ordinary Man
1985 The Spirit Of Freedom
1987 Unfinished Revolution
1989 Voyage
1991 Smoke & Strong Whiskey
1993 King Puck
1996 Graffiti Tongue
1999 Traveller
2001 This Is The Day
2005 Burning Timest
2009 Listen
2011 Folk Tale
2013 Where I Come From (3CD)
2016 Lily

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