Chip Taylor – Chip Taylor’s London Sessions Bootleg (2008)

Posted by Green on March 12, 2023as

320 | FLAC


01. Head First
02. Same Damn Car
03. I Know Rain
04. The Healer
05. Annie on Your Mind
06. Holy Shit
07. I Hate You Today
08. Farmer’s Song
09. Here Come the Animals

01. Some Old Fools
02. I Ain’t Leaving Without You
03. Dalton Days
04. Hard Drive Times
05. Intro Commentary
06. The Ghost of Phil Sinclair
07. Back in ’98
08. Bigot’s Graveyard
09. Curve Ball
10. Unstable Man
11. Lefty Frizzell
12. Three Alarm Fire
13. Shang-a-Lang a Rainbow
14. Jean Lit the Candle
15. Texas Friend
16. We Just Roll On

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  • Larry says:

    Can anyone please, please, upload the album with Same Thing All Over Blues on it? I can not find that song or album anywhere. It would be so very much appreciated.

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