Julianna Barwick has announced the follow-up to 2013’s Nepenthe. Will is out May 6 via Dead Oceans. It features Thomas Arsenault (aka Mas Ysa), Dutch cellist Maarten Vos, and sometime Chairlift drummer Jamie Ingalls.Barwick worked on the album in “a variety of locales, from a desolate house in upstate New York to the Moog Factory in Asheville, North Carolina to Lisbon, Portugal,” according to a press release. She said: “While making this record, there were moments of isolation and dark currents. I like exploring that, and I love when I come across songs that sound scary or ominous. I’ve always been curious about what goes into making a song that way.”

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The Ship is Eno’s first solo record since 2012’s Grammy-nominated LUX. Originally conceived from experiments with three dimensional recording techniques and formed in two, interconnected parts, The Ship is almost as much musical novel as traditional album. Eno brings together beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, physical electronics omniscient narratives and technical innovation into a single, cinematic suite. The result is the very best of Eno, a record without parallel in his catalogue.

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RIAcoustic and electronic sounds merge on»Aquarium Eyes«. Paying great attention to detail, Ritornell recorded at various locations (the studio of Patrick Pulsinger being one of them). The results are gently woven into their very own world of sound. Defamiliarized by subtle electronic manipulation, instruments such as piano, double bass, vibraphone, kalimba, and accordion develop a surprising life of their own, only to be consequently swallowed up by the hissing and buzzing of electronic devices.Gleaming multi-layered electro-acoustic drones, isolated organic sounds, and sophisticated textures complete the intricate arrangements.

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BMusicians: Eric Malmberg (organ, synthesizer), Fredrik Björling (drums)

Tracks: 1. In i rymden, 2. Ingen vals om inget alls, 3. Landet bortom landet Bortom, 4. Bortom landet bortom landet Bortom, 5. 16-bitarspolskan, 6. Livet nere på jorden, 7. Mire Mare, 8. Ingen fanns finns ingenstans, 9. Botvid Grenlunds visa, 10. Fugan som förlorade sin orgelstämma

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A new remix project focusing on Mike Oldfield’s 1973 genre-defining new-age smash Tubular Bells ends on a stirring note, as the multi-instrumentalist is joined by ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen on the finale “Never Too Far.”

Oldfield has found, in the Finnish three-octave wonder, someone whose voice fits seamlessly into every flowing eddy, every rivulet of sound, as he creates yet another spacious, one-man soundscape. After years, and years, of trying to reconfigure, reimagine and otherwise update his masterstroke debut, Tubular Beats offers, at long last, a reason to reinvest.

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East meets west in this album, which features great string instruments including wonderfully played cello and sitar to create great music.Harry Manx on Mohan Veena (20 string Indian slide guitar), lap steel&acoustic guitars, banjo; and Hans Christian on cello, Indian sarangi, Indian sitara, swedish nyckelharpa, fretless bass, piano, keyboards, percussion and programming.

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