Cassie Levy – Tides Rising (2018)

Posted by Green on July 12, 2018as

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Recording artist Cassie Levy had to work hard to make her dream album a reality. After over a year of crowdsourced fundraising, the digital recording of “Tides Rising” dropped last Thursday.

In addition to the successful completion of the album, a few familiar faces assisted in pushing the record over the finish line.

“We did the fundraisers. I did an Indiegogo campaign and saved all of my pennies,” said Levy. “I fell into a lot of luck in that regard.

“I have some friends who played on the album for free, which saved me a lot of money.

“The engineer, Deegan Mack Adams, who was previously from J7 Studios, was a godsend,” she continued. “He’s incredible and talented.”

Levy’s album is unique because it goes heavy on the ukulele, an instrument that Levy has mastered.

“‘Tides Rising’ is an alternative pop album, however, it does vary from song to song,” she said. “It pulls influences from a lot of genres.

“Some have underlying punkish vibes. Another song is country, another is Latin,” she continued. “It’s a very unique brand. It’s it own entity.”

Levy stated that “Let It Burn” is her favorite song on the album. The single was recently released as a music video.

“The song came out exactly the way it was inside my head,” she said. “It really matched up with my original vision.”

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