Bruford – Rock Goes To College (2020)

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Bill Bruford was the original drummer in YES and was a long-term member of King Crimson.His band ‘Bruford’ recorded this BBC broadcast in 1979. The DVD in this CD plus DVD package is the only officially released concert footage of the band that exists, and as such has achieved legendary status.
The line-up on this album is:

Bill Bruford – drums, percussion
Allan Holdsworth – electric guitar
Dave Stewart – keyboards
Jeff Berlin – bass
Annette Peacock – lead vocals


1. Sample And Hold (4:46)
2. Beelzebub (3:37)
3. The Sahara Of Snow, Pt. 1 (3:27)
4. The Sahara Of Snow, Pt. 2 (3:43)
5. Forever Until Sunday (6:50)
6. Back To The Beginning (6:20)
7. Adios A La Pasada (Goodbye To The Past) (7:32)
8. 5G (5:17)

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