Brian May – Collaborations I & II (2017)

Posted by on April 21, 2017
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Collaborations-I (1985-2012)
01. Slot Machine (with Steve Hackett)
02. Don’t Fall Away From Me (with Steve Hackett)
03. Bad For Good (with Meat Loaf)
04. Crazy Nights (Japanese version) (with Minako Honda)
05. If There Is A Heaven (with Tony Martin)
06. Heartsong (with Gordon Giltrap)
07. Talking Of Love (with Anita Dobson)
08. Move It (Cliff Richard)
09. Nobody Knew (Black White House) (with Carmine Appice)
10. Earth (with Tim Staffit)
11. If We Believe (with Lynn Carey Saylor)
12. A Shift In The Wind (Part 1 & 2) (with Chris Thompson)
13. Eternity (with Robbie Williams)
14. I Can Read Books (with Judie Tzuke)
15. Born Free (with Kerry Ellis)
16. A Time For Heroes (with Meat Loaf)
17. No One But You (only The Good Die Young) (with Queen)

Collaborations-II (1975-2013)
01. Furia – The Meeting (Solo Guitar)
02. Let Me In (Your Heart Again) (with Anita Dobson)
03. Don’t Allright (with Tim Staffell)
04. I’m Ready (with Paul Rogers)
05. Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitness) (with Roger Taylor (The Cross)
06. (Another) 1984 (with Billy Squier)
07. What Are We Made Of& (with Sissel)
08. You Can’t Stay The Night (with Anita Dobson)
09. Love Train (with Holly Johnson)
10. Flame On (with Tony Iommi)
11. Il Mare Impetuoso Al Tramonto Sali Solo Luna (with Zucchero)
12. We Belong (with Lynn Carey Saylor)
13. The Stonk (with Hale and Pace)
14. The Man From Manhattan (with Eddie Howell)
15. Somebody To Love (with Catherine Porter)
16. Somewhere In Time (with Cozy Powell)
17. Raining In My Heart (with Status Quo)
18. You And I (with Lady Gaga)
19. No One But You (only The Good Die Young) (with Kerry Ellis)

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