Brad Marino – Extra Credit (2019)

Posted by Green on April 20, 2019
in rock

320 kbps | 93 MB | LINKS

“Extra Credit is as good as it gets!” Dom Daley-RPM Online UK

“Extra Credit is as good as any album that Brad Marino has ever been a part of” Lord Rutledge, Faster & Louder

9/10 This is the soundtrack to summer. The musical equivalent to a bag of Skittles. Just tastier, more colourful and even more of a sugar rush. – Maximum Volume Music

““Extra Credit” is already in my top list of this year’s best powerpop albums.” Laurent C. – VEGLAM

“Cue the guitars and get that snare a-drummin’…Brad Marino’s pumped and ready to rock, pop and roll.” – Alan Haber’s Pure Pop Radio Plus

“The sound is precise, and it slices (as the best Italian caterer does with the mortadella).” Voix De Grenoble

“The songs on Extra Credit are so infectious. Nearly each single one crawls under my skin, mulls around for a short while and exits again through my mouth for the sheer joy of singing along.” WoNo Magazine


  • Tommy C says:

    Hello Green, If possible would you please post a link other than Rapidgator? Whenever I download from Rapidgator on this site the file won’t open. Rapidgator files will open if downloaded from other sites so I don’t understand it (unless there’s a password). When you’ve used Uploaded (for instance), I haven’t had a problem. I’d really like to hear this one & I haven’t seen it on any other site. Thank you.

  • Green says:

    buy a premium Rapidgator,and there will be no problem…try with

  • Tommy C says:

    Thank You

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