Bonnie Whitmore – Embers To Ashes (2011)

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boBonnie Whitmore is a product of a pretty interesting childhood. Raised in Texas by a classically trained opera-singer mother and singer-songwriter father, along with a talented violin- and fiddle-playing older sister, Whitmore naturally became influenced by and drew inspiration from her family. At age 8, she started to play bass, joined the family band and toured Texas. Later, she learned to play acoustic guitar and cello, then, at 16, Whitmore began writing her own material and performing with local musicians. Her sophomore album, Embers to Ashes has all the trappings of great country music – the stories, emotion, and reality. It takes the listener on a turbulent journey from the beginning to the end of a relationship, chronicling the anger, heartbreak, pain, and loss. Although, mainly a country album, Whitmore does expand the sound with a rockabilly, Western swing influenced title track, rock-infused “You’re Gonna Miss Me,” and the Roy Orbison-like “Please Take the Words Back,” but it’s her ballads like “Cowboy Lullaby” and “Love Too Sweet” with their melancholic melodies and Whitmore’s tender yet aching vocals that standout the most.

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