Bonnie Raitt – Playlist: The Best Of The Warner Bros. Years (Remastered) (2016)

Posted by admin on June 19, 2019

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01. Too Long At The Fair (Remastered)
02. What Is Success (Remastered)
03. You’ve Been In Love Too Long (Remastered)
04. Angel From Montgomery (Remastered)
05. I Ain’t Blue (Remastered)
06. I Feel The Same (Remastered)
07. Love Has No Pride (Remastered)
08. Runaway (Remastered)
09. I’m Blowin’ Away (Remastered)
10. Bluebird (Remastered)
11. Home (Remastered)
12. Under The Falling Sky (Remastered)
13. My First Night Alone Without You (Remastered)
14. Thank You (Remastered)
15. Guilty (Remastered)
16. Love Me Like A Man (Remastered)
17. Since I Fell For You (Remastered)
18. That Song About The Midway (Remastered)
19. Good Enough (Remastered)
20. Louise (Remastered)


  • Otis Frisco says:

    This looks like a good one. Unfortunately, the link is not available.Would a re-up be possible?
    Thanks for all your wonderful work. I’ve discovered lots of great music I wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Thanks

  • Green says:

    sorry….link works fine,for me…

  • Sharon says:

    The only place I could find Bonnie Rait. Question is why I looked here last! Thank you so much.

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