Blues Meets Girl – Blues Meets Girl (Feat. Sean Carney) (2019)

Posted by Green on January 2, 2019as

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This is a exciting collaboration of blues musician Sean Carney and singer-songwriter Kasimira Vogel.Kasimira, «Kassy» has been singing for as long as she can remember when her mother sent her to a voice coach at age 9. Her parents had a vast collection of albums that included Jazz, R & B, Folk and Blues that certainly influenced her greatly. By the time she was age 17, she had been on the theatre stage and graduated to studying music at The Dana School of Music. To her dismay, opera was the only option for vocalists. Secretly she went with friends in the Jazz program to the local Jazz clubs. When her voice teacher caught her performing at a downtown event, not singing opera, he confronted her saying «Miss Vogel, the reason I can not get from you the operatic qualities is because you are listening to that Jazz music.» Shortly after that she decided to make her own path and designed a degree thru the University for Musical Theater, the first of it’s kind there. Always searching for great female artist for inspiration she soon discovered Etta James, Big Mama Thorton and Koko Taylor ergo discovering The Blues. Life has never been the same.

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