Blackmore’s Night – To the Moon and Back: 20 Years and Beyond (2017)

Posted by on August 10, 2017
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Their debut album, Shadow Of the Moon was released 20 years ago, in May 1997. Since then, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) and his muse – and wife – Candice Night have entertained their loyal fans with a symbiosis of medieval melodies, mystical lyrics and modern musical arrangements. Their idea of fusing classical elements and Renaissance music with the ‘here and now’ is as impressive today as it was in 1997. Their many gold awards coupled with a worldwide fan base underline their status as the premiere act in their chosen genre. With this set, fans and novices alike can celebrate 20 years of Blackmore’s Night. CD One contains 13 of the best tracks from their successful albums plus an exciting nine-minute live version of the fan favorite ‘Home Again. CD Two boasts five never before released new versions, two further bonus tracks, five of their favorite instrumental tracks, as well as the current single by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, ‘Land Of Hope And Glory and a bonus video!


01. Shadow of the Moon
02. Spirit of the Sea
03. Renaissance Faire
04. Play Minstrel Play
05. Under a Violet Moon
06. Spanish Nights (I Remember It Well)
07. Fires at Midnight
08. Ghost of a Rose
09. Cartouche
10. Village Lanterne
11. The Circle
12. 25 Years
13. Dandelion Wine
14. Home Again (Live)
15. I Surrender (Bonus Track)
16. Moonlight Shadow (2017 Version)
17. Somewhere over the Sea (2017 Version)
18. Writing on the Wall (2017 Version)
19. Coming Home (2017 Version)
20. Ghost of John (Bonus Track)
21. Minstrel Hall
22. Possum Goes to Prague
23. Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
24. Nur eine Minute
25. Village Dance
26. Land of Hope and Glory (2017 Version)