Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Wrong Creatures (2018)

Posted by Green on January 11, 2018as

320 kbps | 140 MB | LINKS

After 20 years and seven albums, blues-based psych rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have become a brand of sorts. It’s a brand that’s synonymous with everything that their name implies: souped-up machines, dimly lit dive bars and lots and lots of leather. Is it the band’s fault that in the last five years, theirs is the kind of music that’s now being used to sell those very things? No. Does hearing inch-thick fuzz guitar, a sparse kick-drum beat and a generically edgy male voice in the background of every truck, beer and denim commercial take away from their new album, Wrong Creatures.

Fans of BRMC, fans of bluesy psych rock and fans of anyone that’s still out there trying to do it with a guitar will love Wrong Creatures.

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