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Billy Joe Shaver (August 16, 1939 – October 28, 2020) was an American Texas country music singer and songwriter.



1.Old five and dimers like me (1973)

2.When I Get My Wings (1976)

3.Gypsy Boy (1977)

4.I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal *1981)

5.Tramp On Your Street (1993)

6.Honky Tonk Heroes (1994)

7.Restless wind (1995)

8.Highway Of Life (1996)

9.Highway Of Life (1996)

10.Victory (1998)

11.Electric Shaver (1999)

12.The Earth Rolls On (2001)

13.Freedom’s Child (2002)

14.Billy And The Kid (2004)

15.The Real Deal (2005)

16.Greatest hits (2007)

17.Everybody’s Brother(2007)

















  • ambria says:

    Might anyone have these files individually—–When I get my wings, Gypsy Boy, Tramp On Your Street, Highway Of Life, Try and Try Again, Billy Joe Shaver (ST), Everybody’s Brother, in MP3? This file is too big for my computer to download . I would really appreciate it, as I don’t have tose files.

  • jster804 says:

    Nice collection but it doesn’t match up very well with what your list says. Missing some and has others not listed.

  • Ambria says:

    Yes, missing Gypsy Boy, Highway of Life, Everybody’s Brother, Honky Tonk Heroes, Restless Wind, otherwise good. Any chance including these?

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