Bill MacKay – Discography

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Bill MacKay is a Chicago based guitarist-composer-vocalist-improviser. He has energized the experimental folk, rock, and avant-garde scenes with his radiant songs, and creative and unpredictable approach to the guitar.

2005 Bill MacKay & Sounds of Now
2015 Altamira (Bill MacKay’s Darts And Arrows)
2015 Land Of Plenty (& Ryley Walker)
2017 Esker
2017 SpiderBeetleBee (& Ryley Walker)
2019 Fountain Fire
2020 Scarf
2021 Keys
EP, Singles:
2015 Sunrise. Bill MacKay Plays The Songs Of John Hulburt (EP)
2017 Hypnotic Pulse Of The Reindeer Range (& Ryley Walker) (Single)

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