Bill Doggett – Dancing with Bill Doggett, His Organ and Combo (1955-1960) (2019)

Posted by Green on November 16, 2019as

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Here’s an overview of the career of organist Bill Doggett that’s a bit different. Most reissues in the CD era have almost entirely focused on his time with King Records. He was with the label in three periods, the 50s and early 60s, and then again in the 70s when he was recording funkier material. It is the period from the early 60s after his first tenure with King records that has been ignored until now.


1. Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk, Pt. 1
2. Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk, Pt. 2
3. Bill Doggett – Buttered Popcorn
4. Bill Doggett – Slow Walk
5. Bill Doggett – Quaker City
6. Bill Doggett – Night Train
7. Bill Doggett – Ram-Bunk-Shush
8. Bill Doggett – Peacock Alley
9. Bill Doggett – Hold It
10. Bill Doggett – Rainbow Riot, Pt. 1 & 2
11. Bill Doggett – After Hours
12. Bill Doggett – In the Wee Hours
13. Bill Doggett – Yocky Dock, Pt. 1 & 2
14. Bill Doggett – Happy
15. Bill Doggett – (Let’s Do) The Hully Gully Twist
16. Bill Doggett – Tom Cat
17. Bill Doggett – The Slouch
18. Bill Doggett – You Can’t Sit Down
19. Bill Doggett – Roly-Poly
20. Bill Doggett – Hokum
21. Bill Doggett – Jackrabbit
22. Bill Doggett – Ragtown
23. Bill Doggett – The Rootie Too
24. Bill Doggett – Track 29

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  • Dave Heasman says:

    Thanks for this Green, another record from my youth. Tracks 14-24 are from Doggett’s first Warner Bros album – “3046 people danced until 3 a.m.”. They pretended it was a live album, but it’s studio recordings with fake crowd noises. “Tom Cat” is the standout track with great solos from Clifford Scott on tenor and Billy Butler guitar. In fact it sounds like two takes of the same tune, stitched together to bring the album up to length. Record companies, eh?

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