Besides Daniel – This Marvelous Grief (2013)

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BEBesides Daniel is Daniel Brewer, an Atlanta singer/songwriter/and musician.In the words of the man himself, Daniel Brewer, the album “is a collection of songs that create a particular landscape of relational brokenness, with ourselves, others, and God. I found this as a thread running through the entirety of this album-a retrospective enlightenment. I have found these songs to orbit the imperfections in our love and the struggle to forgive ourselves, our companions, our family, and God.”

At the time of our interview, he stated he was going to use thirteen of the 40+ songs he had written. Another track snuck in as This Marvelous Grief comes in with 14 tracks. The influences and different styles are evident throughout. Whether it is the Graceland era Paul Simon-like “The Center of Georgia,” the Beck-esque “Grand Canyon,” or the distinctly Eleanor Rigby-ish strings on “Penny Queen,” you can see how Brewer morphs it all into something that is 100% “Daniel.”

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