Bella Hardy – Postcards & Pocketbooks: The Best of Bella Hardy (2019)

Posted by Green on October 17, 2019
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Postcards & Pocketbooks is a double CD of her most highly treasured works, with remastered recordings of classic material and two new tracks, Tequila Moon and Sheep Crook & Black Dog. With unflinching courage, Bella has explored and blurred musical boundaries in her search for meaning. From her mastery of tradition music and the stripped back strings and concertina of her debut album Night Visiting (2007), to the electric guitar and drums in the self-penned humanist hymns and feminist battle cries of Hey Sammy (2017), via the Derbyshire ballads of The Dark Peak & The White and ancient Chinese poetry of Eternal Spring, an album of songs and poetry recorded in China. Her themes of displacement and home, lost and found love, heartache and joy, are delivered with her unique, disarming honesty, and, of course, the acclaimed crystalline voice that won her BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Singer of the Year.

1. Learning To Let Go (Remastered) (4:24)
2. Whisky You’re The Devil (Remastered) (3:00)
3. The Herring Girl (Remastered) (4:16)
4. The Driving Of The Deer (Remastered) (3:19)
5. First Light Of The Morning (Remastered) (4:05)
6. Sylvie Sovay (Remastered) (5:40)
7. The Darkening Of The Day (Remastered) (2:39)
8. Maying Song (Remastered) (2:46)
9. Jenny Wren (Remastered) (2:59)
10. Guan Guan (Remastered) (5:14)
11. The Seventh Girl (Remastered) (3:50)
12. Full Moon Over Amsterdam (2019 version) (5:00)
13. Sheep Crook & Black Dog (4:02)

1. Three Black Feathers (2019 version) (4:07)
2. The Only Thing To Do (Remastered) (3:19)
3. The Drunken Butcher Of Tideswell (Remastered) (6:00)
4. True Hearted Girl (Remastered) (3:26)
5. Queen of Carter’s Bar (Remastered) (3:42)
6. The Oak & The Ivy (1:23)
7. Lament for Derwent Village (Remastered) (4:22)
8. Good Man’s Wife (Remastered) (4:32)
9. Walk It With You (Remastered) (4:26)
10. Time Wanders On (2019 version) (3:00)
11. Low Down in the Broom (Remastered) (6:48)
12. Jolly Good Luck to the Girl That Loves a Soldier (Remastered) (3:35)
13. Redemption (Remastered)
14. Tequila Moon (4:13)


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