Bean Pickers Union – Archaeology (2019)

Posted by Green on October 12, 2019as

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Behind the curious name of the band is the figure of Chuck Melchin, singer, author and musician who in the last twenty years has been proposed as one of the most interesting voices of the American and high-country scene of Northeastern US, telling with his own stories of rural and provincial America, painting at the same time the beauty and hardness of living ‘on the edge’.

Chuck and his Bean Pickers Union have assembled a collection of 10 songs, Archaeology, that may just be his best work yet. Covering the whole of Americana’s wide umbrella, the album opens with the sparse arrangement of a lone cello against a lightly strummed acoustic guitar on the beautiful, haunting Strange, and ends with the telecaster driven country rock of Moonrocket. The album takes the scenic route on this journey, passing through the folk ballad of Failing Light, the train shuffle of 16 Pounds of Mary and the eerie pedal steel lament of Philemon.

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