Barrence Whitfield And The Savages ‎– Barrence Whitfield And The Savages [Remastered] (1984/2010)

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It clocks in at under 30 minutes, so these days it qualifies as an EP, but the Savages’ debut record is a scorcher. A 100-mph rave-up from the moment Barry screams his way through Don Covay’s “Bip Bop Bip” to the go-for-broke “Ship Sails at Six.” Peter Greenberg’s garage grunge guitar sounds great propelling these tracks, and the whole thing just screeches party.


1. Bip Bop Bip
2. Walking With Barrence
3. Mama Get The (Your) Hammer
4. Fat Mama (MCPS List Song As Big Fat Mama)
5. Cotton Pickin’
6. Go Ahead And Burn
7. Savage Sax
8. Georgia Slop
9. Walk Out
10. Miss Shake It
11. Whiskey Wagon
12. King Kong
13. Ship Sailed At Six
14. All American Surfer
15. Whistle Bait
16. Rockin’ At The Coconut Top
17. Doin’ All Right
18. Savage Express
19. Pain In My Heart (Live)
20. Savage Sax (Live)
21. Playgirl (Live)
22. Big Mamou (Live)
23. No Kissin’ At The Hop (Live)

Barrence Whitfild – vocal
Peter Greenberg – guitar,backing vocals
Phil Lenker – bass,backing vocals
Howard Ferguson – drums
Steve LaGrega – saxophone

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